January 2023


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Get set to stay and play with AO Travel.


With AO Travel, you can AO the easy way. We’ll take care of your accommodation and AO tickets so all you need to do is pack your bags for world-class tennis with restaurants, bars and family entertainment to match. So, get set to stay and play with AO Travel.

Book with confidence

We want you to look forward to AO22, not stress about it. With our COVID-19 Booking Protection Policy, you’re covered against COVID-19 related disruptions, so snap your spot at the Open and if the game plan changes, we’ve got your back.

Take the easy way

From start the finish, we make it easy. Whether it's transfers, accommodation or tickets, we guarantee a smooth experience all-round.

Top-quality accommodation

Make yourself at home in quality accommodation, hand-picked for comfort, features and proximity to Melbourne Park.

So, choose your package type below - and let's get started!

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17 January 2023
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16 - 30 Jan 2023
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