Let us answer some questions you may have about AO Travel & Experiences.

AO Travel & Experiences Package Information 

What’s your cancellation policy? 

Please refer to Clause 4 in the Booking Terms and Conditions on our website. 

When will I receive more information about my booking and the event, in general? 

Our AO Travel & Experiences Guest Experience team will be in touch during the lead up to the event as new event information is released by organisers. Itineraries to AO Travel customers will be sent closer to AO25 and tickets will follow shortly after. 



When do tickets go on sale? 

AO tickets are currently available as part of our AO Travel & Experiences packages, inclusive of accommodation through AO Travel & Experiences. 

Where does my ticket allow me to go within the precinct? 

If you have a RLA ticket, you can access the entire precinct with the exception of other ticketed stadiums, from the time the gates open for the session you have purchased.  

If you have a MCA ticket, you can access the entire precinct with the exception of other ticketed stadiums, from the time the gates open for the session you have purchased.  

If you have a Ground Pass, you can access the entire precinct with the exception of ticketed stadiums, from the time the gates open for the session you have purchased. 

Please note, RLA refers to Rod Laver Arena, MCA refers to Margaret Court Arena and JCA refers to John Cain Arena.

When will I get my tickets? 

Your tickets will be accessible closer to AO25 via an AO Ticketmaster account that is linked to the email you used to book your AO Travel package. You will receive communications from AO Travel & Experiences with details relating to your tickets when they are ready for download. 

Can I purchase new/additional tickets via AO Travel & Experiences? 

Yes. We will happily assist you should you wish to purchase new / additional tickets to your existing order with AO Travel & Experiences. Please contact [email protected] with any requests.

What is a Ground Pass and do I need one? 

If you have a match ticket, you do not need to purchase a ground pass for that same session. Your match ticket includes ground pass access. If you plan to enter the Melbourne Park precinct during a session where you do not have a match ticket, you will need to purchase a ground pass.

Ground Passes grant you access to the entire precinct with the exception of the ticketed arenas, from the time the gates open for the session you have purchased. 

Can I enter JCA on my RLA, MCA or Ground Pass ticket?

Yes. Approximately half of JCA is general admission, meaning anyone in the Melbourne Park precinct can grab a seat and watch the on-court action. The other half of the arena is ticketed and spectators require specific tickets to occupy these seats. If you wish to secure yourself seats in JCA, these can be purchased. Please see the AO website for the tournament schedule for session times and accessibility information for JCA. 

Can I swap my allocated tickets? 

This is something that our team can look into for you. Please contact [email protected] with any requests. 

Can I cancel my tickets for a refund? 

Please refer to Clause 4 in the Booking Terms and Conditions on our website. 

I don’t have a smartphone. How can I access my tickets via Ticketmaster account? 

Please let us know this upon booking and our team will investigate a solution for you. 

What if my email or password is not working on my AO Ticketmaster account? 

Our ticketing team can happily assist you! We will reset your account and send through an email with your updated details to access your AO Ticketmaster account. 

I now need a wheelchair/accessible seat – how can I arrange this? 

Please advise of your requirement for wheelchair/accessible seating and we will happily assist you with your booking.

Do my tickets allow access to the music festival during Finals weekend at JCA?

If you wish to attend the music festival at JCA, you will need to purchase festival tickets separately, as entry is not included with your Finals match tickets. Tickets for the festival can be purchased via the AO website and will go on sale in late 2024.

Session Tickets 

AO25 session tickets are digital tickets. Digital tickets not only contain all functional and operational requirements such as seat details, barcodes, and entry details, but also the ability to include other relevant and important information. 

Tickets will be released to you closer to the event. You will be notified by AO Travel & Experiences when your tickets are ready for download via the AO Ticketmaster MyAccount platform. You will be provided with instructions on how to set your account up, and once set up, you will be able to view your tickets, download them and forward tickets onto others. 

If you experience any issues accessing your tickets, please email the AO Travel & Experiences team at [email protected]

Can I buy only tickets from AO Travel & Experiences? 

AO Travel & Experiences sells packages that all include accommodation and tickets. Tickets cannot be purchased on their own.

Do AO Travel & Experiences packages include flights? 

AO Travel & Experiences packages do not include flights. However, we would be more than happy assist with making flight arrangements for customers. If you would like our team's assistance with flights, please get in touch via [email protected]

Is AO Travel & Experiences the same as Tennis Australia? 

AO Travel & Experiences is a proud partner of Tennis Australia and manage the official travel programme for the Australian Open. Tennis Australia is the governing body for Tennis in Australia and manage the end-to-end facilitation of the Australian Open. 



Hotel Pre-Authorisation 

It is standard hotel policy to take a ""pre-authorisation"" of your credit card at check-in, to ensure you have enough funds to pay any incidental charges incurred. The amount will depend on your length of stay and vary between hotels. A pre-authorisation is a validity check of your credit card. This ""blocks"" an amount reducing your credit card limit. It is NOT a transaction charge and will not appear on your statement. Depending on your credit card bank’s set up, the pre-authorisation amount should typically drop off within 1-2 weeks. 

What is the best way to get from the airport to my hotel? 

There are several options available to get you into the city.  

- Taxi  

- Uber 

- Skybus

Can I get a copy of my hotel booking confirmation? 

AO Travel & Experiences is unable to provide hotel confirmation numbers for individual bookings until a couple of weeks out from the check-in date. The reason for this being that the rooms are held under a group booking and are not allocated to individual customers until closer to the arrival date. Once you have booked with us, your room is secured. 

Can I add an extra night to by hotel booking? 

Yes you can. The AO Travel & Experiences team will happily assist you with this request, please get in touch via [email protected].

I've booked additional nights with the hotel myself. Can I have the bookings linked? 

Yes - if the room type is the same. Please send our team at [email protected] the booking confirmation that the hotel has provided you and we will add this to our accommodation notes. When we share our rooming list with the hotel, staff will see that the two bookings align and keep you in the same room, to avoid any mid-stay movements. 

Can I leave a day earlier/arrive a day later from my hotel? 

Yes. However, we will not be able to secure a refund for the reduction in number of nights with the hotel. 

Can I check in earlier that the hotel’s check in time? 

Yes. If your room is not available, the hotel can store your luggage and they will advise you when your room is ready. 

Can I check out later than the hotel’s check out time? 

You will need to request this directly with the hotel who will advise you if they can support your request. 

Can I park my car at the hotel? 

If you wish to add hotel car parking to your booking, please let us know. We will liaise with the hotel and request costs and availability. 

Can I accrue hotel loyalty point with my booking? 

All bookings via AO Travel & Experiences do not accrue hotel loyalty points. 

AO Reserve


What is AO Reserve?

AO Reserve is the Australian Open's all-new hospitality programme. AO Travel & Experiences are the Official Global Reseller of AO Reserve. 

What do the AO Reserve packages offer?

From curated spaces, menus and experiences, to exclusive court-side access and premium seating, AO Reserve sets a new standard for international event hospitality. For more information around inclusions, please head to AO Reserve to view all of our packages or alternatively, speak to our sales team at [email protected]

Can I purchase AO Reserve with a travel package?

Yes. AO Reserve can be added to any of our travel packages. If you are needing assistance with booking, please speak to our sales team at [email protected]

What are the AO Reserve 2025 Conditions of Entry?

Please find the AO Reserve 2025 Conditions of Entry here


Please keep an eye out for more information.

General Event Information 



Please read and comply with the Tennis Australia AO25 Conditions of Sale and Entry which can be found here


Please visit the AO website for information on precinct entry points and transport options.

How long is a tennis match? 

Tennis matches vary greatly in length and can take anywhere from an hour to three or four hours. Men’s singles matches are best of five sets and women’s singles matches are best of three sets. 

How many matches will be played on Rod Laver Arena and Margaret Court Arena? 

The schedule for each day’s matches is posted on ausopen.com the night before. Traditionally, day sessions feature two – three matches on Rod Laver Arena and two - three matches on Margaret Court Arena.

During the evening there are typically two matches played. This is subject to both weather and schedule changes. Ultimately, the number of matches played is determined by the Tournament Referee and is subject to change at any time. 

What time can I enter the precinct? 

Gate Opening Times – *Subject to change 

These will be confirmed closer to the tournament. 

Where can I find the tournament schedule? 

For a complete list of session times for Rod Laver Arena, Margaret Court Arena, John Cain Arena, and the Outside Courts, please review the Official Tournament Schedule here. 

I want to see my favourite player. When are they playing? 

The Australian Open is an elimination event. Tickets are sold to sessions of the AO25, not to particular matches. It is not possible to purchase tickets in advance to see a specific player. Due to the nature of the event, the schedule for each day is announced the night prior. Schedules and orders of play are posted on ausopen.com. Please note, the schedule and order of play are subject to change at any time. Tennis is an unpredictable sport and unavoidable events can occur; it all adds to the thrill and suspense of the Australian Open! 

Are pass outs available? 

Yes, they are – the staff at entry/exit points will be able to assist you with this process. 

Is public transport free? 

For selected trams, yes. AO patrons can enjoy free tram travel on the day of their attendance on route 70 and route 70a trams between stop D6-Flinders Street West and stop 7C MCG 4-7/John Cain Arena. More information will be released closer to the tournament.

What can I bring on site?

You can bring the following on site - a) small bags, including handbags; b) non-alcoholic beverages or drink bottles in plastic; c) food, in permissible packaging, including baby food; d) plastic or paper cutlery only; e) deodorant and perfume; f) medicine; g) selfie sticks; and h) umbrellas. An updated list will be provided closer to AO25.