About AO Travel

We're all about AO

As you can imagine, at AO Travel - we're all about the Australian Open. Quite simply, we love it, and we can't wait to take thousands of tennis fans from all over the world straight to Melbourne Park to witness some of the best tennis the world has to offer. We're here to make it easy for you to fly, stay and play right here in Melbourne.


Our partnership

AO Travel works in partnership with Tennis Australia to deliver top-quality travel and hospitality packages for AO fans and is a unique way to experience an iconic event and bring fans closer to the action than ever before.


The team behind the scenes

AO Travel manages all the travel package essentials including ticket types, hotel accommodation, flights and exclusive experiences.  Tennis fans also benefit from access to exclusive offerings and merchandise, we guarantee a super smooth experience from start to finish.


Please note: AO Travel is not eligible to sell tickets by themselves. All tickets must be packaged with accommodation or flights.